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Wednesday 01 September 1999

Efficacy of pefloxacin in the treatment of postoperative sepsis in gynaecology.

By: Arowojolu AO, Bakare RA, Oni AA, Ayodele AE, Kayode OO.

Afr J Med Med Sci 1999 Sep-Dec;28(3-4):151-3

Twenty four women with postoperative sepsis following gynaecological surgery were recruited into a study designed to determine the efficacy of Pefloxacin. With the standard oral dose of Pefloxacin, clinical cure or improvement occurred in 98% of the patients. In-vitro, 90% of bacterial isolates were sensitive to Pefloxacin. No adverse effect was encountered in any of the patients. We concluded that Pefloxacin is effective in the treatment of postoperative bacterial infections following gynaecological surgery.

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