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Thursday 01 July 2004

[The fluorescence characteristics of micelle inclusion of pefloxacin and its application]

By: Du LM, Wang JP, Wang CX.

Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi 2004 Jul;24(7):855-7

A new highly sensitive fluorescence spectrophotometic method for the determination of pefloxacin (PEFX) has been developed based on micella enhancement. The fluorescence characteristic of micelle inclusion complex formed between PEFX and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) was studied. Different variables and parameters affecting the fluorescence were studied and optimized. Experiments show that sodium dodecyl sulfate can enhance greatly the fluorescence signal for pefloxacin in pH 5 Britton Robinson(BR) buffer solution. The fluorimetric method allows the determination of 0.06-1.20 microg x mL(-1) of pefloxacin with SDS in aqueous solution with lambda ex = 278 nm and lambda em = 432 nm, respectively. The detection limit for PEFX is 0.06 microg x mL(-1), The recoveries are 98.5%-100.8% and the RSDs are 1.4%-2.3%. The proposed procedures could be applied successfully to the determination of the pefloxacin drugs in tablets and human plasma with good recovery. In this paper we determined pefloxacin in human plasma by synchronization-derivative fluorescence spectroscopic techniques with good analytical selectivity, high sensitivity, high capability of eliminating blank interference and improving the limit of detection.

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