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Saturday 01 December 2001

[Pefloxacin in the treatment of patients with mucoviscidosis]

By: Postnikov SS, Semykin SIu, Polikarpova SV, Nazhimov VP.

Antibiot Khimioter 2002;47(4):13-5

It was shown that microbial flora isolated from the bronchial secretion of 39 patients with mucoviscidosis in 1999-2001 consisted in one third (32.8%) of S. aureus strains. Evaluation of pefloxacin efficacy in the case of monoinfection and pathogens association revealed potent antistaphylococcal effect of the drug. Positive result was demonstrated in 82.3% cases by the 7th day. Among the side effects dominated arthropathy which disappeared at the period from 3 days to 3 months after drug administration was stopped.

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