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Monday 05 November 2007

[Using of cluster analysis for evaluation of antibiotic sensitivity of agents of women's genital inflammatory diseases]

By: Buiuc D.

Mikrobiol Z 2007 Jul-Aug;69(4):45-53

The study was conducted to evaluate sensitivity to 44 antibiotics of pathogens isolated from 183 women with genital inflammatory diseases and to offer schemes of antibacterial treatment. The pathogens (66.8%) were in associations. The probability of isolation of main bacteria and sexually transmitted microorganisms in different associations was estimated in the work. Using the methods of clustering analysis all the tested antibiotics were divided into 3 groups, depending on their antimicrobial activity toward bacteria isolated both in monoculture and in associations. Furagin, cefotaxime, gentamicin, cefoperazon, ceftriaxon, ciprofloxacin, pefloxacin, as well as, cefazolin, zoxan, ofloxacin, and lomefloxacin were shown to be the most effective antibiotics in vitro. The least activity was diplayed by ectericid, chlorophillipt, and ampiox. These data should be considered when choosing the antibacterial treatment of genital inflammatory diseases.

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